There are many medications available to help you stay healthy. All medications, however, are complementary to the things you can do for yourself such as eating healthfully, exercising regularly, and weight control.

There are medicines to help you:

  • Control your blood sugars. Find out more about non-insulin blood glucose-lowering drugs here and find out more about insulin here.
  • Reduce your cholesterol. Find out more about cholesterol-lowering drugs here.
  • Control your blood pressure. (Most commonly used are ACE inhibitors or ARBs.)
  • Protect your kidneys. (Most commonly used are ACE inhibitors or ARBs.)
  • Protect yourself from a heart attack or stroke. Discover more on this topic here.
  • Ease the discomfort of peripheral neuropathy (pain in the feet due to nerve damage)
In order to stay healthy with your diabetes you may require many different medicines to help you. That may sound disheartening, but, hey, if taking these medicines is going to help keep you healthy, feeling well, leading an active, productive and long life, then thank goodness these therapies are available!


Complementary & Alternative medicines are also used by many people living with diabetes. You can find out more about these medicines here.