Over my many years in practice I've acquired certain strongly held sentiments about diabetes, all of which are based on my motto: 

Rule your diabetes; don't let it rule you!

  • If you have diabetes and you want to succeed you need to take charge of your health. Don't be passive about your diabetes care!
  • Be part of a health care team (including a dietitian, nurse educator, family physician, eye specialist, and, when needed, other specialists including a diabetes specialist, foot specialist, and so on) even if you have to assemble your team yourself.
  • Stay current on how to manage your diabetes so that you can engage in meaningful discussions with your health care providers ensuring you are getting the best possible care.
  • Don't underestimate the power you have to control your diabetes: healthy eating, regular exercise, and weight control are incredibly powerful weapons.
  • Having diabetes does not make any food forbiden; not cake, not ice cream, not alcohol, nothin'. So never feel guilty about having these things (in appropriately limited quantities of course) and don't let others make you feel guilty either. Having diabetes is not meant to be a punishment!
  • Know what tests should be done and how often they should be done. Know what your test results are, what they should be, and what is to be done if your tests are abnormal.
  • Be wary of medicines; be far warier about not taking medicines that you should be taking to protect your health.

Although pretty well everything I have to share on this web site is based on current "standards of care" - particularly as espoused by the Canadian Diabetes Association - the information on this site should nonetheless be considered to be of a general nature only.  Your needs are unique to you so be sure to speak to your own health care providers to find out what therapies are best for you and your particular situation.

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